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Bacara Christmas Tree Lighting, 2015

Photos from the Christmas Tree lighting celebration at Bacara Resort and Spa. Bacara partnered up with Dave Shelton to create this Christmas Tree installation made of sculpted steel and handblown glass.

Feinblatt_20151208_68517_WEB ONLYFeinblatt_20151208_68468_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68605_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68472_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68474_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68538_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68543_WEB ONLYFeinblatt_20151208_68650_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68614_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68667_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68688_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68698_WEB ONLY Feinblatt_20151208_68704_WEB ONLY

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