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An Evening in Verona, 2014

I enjoyed shooting another elegant event put on at Bacara. The event was a pairing of fine wine and theater arts. Verona’s top winemaker, Armando Fumanelli, proprietor of Fumanelli Cellars, presented four wines paired with a four-course tasting menu by Executive Chef David Reardon. Each course was preceded by performances from members of Santa Barbara Opera.


Feinblatt_20140918_0005_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0020_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0030_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0059_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0061_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0067_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0069_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0070_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0077_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0087_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0089_WEB_ONLYFeinblatt_20140918_0101_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0092_WEB_ONLY Feinblatt_20140918_0105_WEB_ONLY

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